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Are you looking to collect something unique that no other horror loving has? Are you fascinated with classic, otherworldly slasher films and the demonic beings that fuel them? Perhaps, you just adore transforming your own worst nightmare into something cute to display on your shelf. Whatever cranks your sick, twisted mind, collecting horror dorbz may be your next dreadfully awesome hobby. Horror dorbz are small, cute and creepy all at the same time. These horror-ific keepsakes are a new wave of horror collectible. Featuring the ghost with the most groove, Beetlejuice, the clown with the best dance moves, Pennywise, the haunted doll with most jokes, Chucky, the killer who haunts the most dreams, Freddy Kruger, the villain that seems to live forever, Jason Voorhees, the man of many faces, Leatherface and a few other creepy characters. Horror Dorbz, you've got to collect them all!