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Are you looking for horror movie action figures for the scary movie fan in your life? Or maybe you're looking to add to your collection. Browse our selection of 1/4 scale horror movie action figures. Exquisitely detailed and featuring multiple points of articulation, they make excellent gifts for fans of the macabre and supernatural. Horror movie action figures, prized by horror aficionados, should be kept in a protective display case and should be handled with the utmost care to maintain or increase their value. We know first-hand that giddy feeling that horror fans get when they're holding an amazing collectible 1/4” scale figure of their favorite genre icon. Think about it: you, or that special ghoul you buy this for, shrieking with delight at the wondrously detailed 18” replication of a beloved character. One of the most notable features of these action figures is their exquisite points of articulation, including poseability at the elbows, knees, and shoulders, should you wish to pose it. And yes, let's briefly talk about taking them out of the box: while many people prefer to keep their 1/4”scale collectibles sealed, (and easy to understand, since the packaging is so artful in and of itself), it is quite exciting to put these on display.  There's so much fun to be had with 1/4” scale action figures, whether you're creating an homage to the Terminator T-800, or to the Jungle Demon Predator. On the heels of the 2018 Halloween, there's new Michael Myers' merchandise, and of course that includes NECA's 1:4 scale reflecting the latest incarnation of The Shape. This piece alone is a visually stunning representation of Haddonfield's holiday killer!  And that kind of updating is yet another appealing aspect of this type of memorabilia. Popular manufacturers and distributors such as NECA and Entertainment Earth produce special anniversary editions and other highly coveted versions of scale figures which we're always proud to carry. Count on us for enhancing your spooktacular horror collection!