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Are you tired of the ordinary, uninspiring bobbleheads out there? We hear you, which is why we carry horror bobbleheads for fans of the macabre and supernatural who want to show their personality by proudly displaying a bobblehead to match their tastes! If you collect horror bobbleheads, you'll enjoy browsing our hand-picked selection of collectable bobbleheads, such as Bobblehead Blade and Bobblehead Torch. They make the perfect gift for the horror geek in your life! Of all the horror collectibles out there, bobble head figures are definitely one of the quirkiest and the coolest. There's just something adorkable about their shape, especially if the character is spooky, homicidal, or supernatural. We love these novelties, which is why you can rely on us when shopping for bobble head toys online. Our selections range from popular horror movie characters to legends, to other notable names in the genre.  Whether or not the big bouncing head makes him less creepy, Michael Myers is one of the horror bobbleheads that should be in every fan's collection! Even with the Halloween mythos going through reimaginings, reboots, and plot lines that don't always make linear sense, Michael has steadfastly remained one of horror's greatest creations. The same goes for Blade and Torch, the easily recognizable protagonists (or antagonists, depending upon point of view), of the classic Puppet Master series. It was a brilliant idea for Full Moon to further immortalize them as bobblehead characters, for they're also another terrific example of enduring appeal through the franchise. And then there's the Mistress of the Dark, the inimitable Elvira. She's one of those characters that you can never have too much merchandise of, so why not make her a part of your horror movie bobbleheads? It would be an interesting mashup to see her posed next to Gizmo in his Gremlins: New Batch Rambo persona! Or how about Funko Pop's Wacky Wobblers rendition of the esteemed Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, and love him/hate him Negan at opposite ends of a bookcase or entertainment center? One has a deadly bird on his arm, the other is wielding the deadly baseball bat, Lucille – what a pair! Whichever bobbleheads for sale you decide on, they all make spooktacular choices!