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Add some darkness to your crypt and deck it out with some dangerously addictive horror scalers. Proclaim your love for all things horror with a spine-chilling Alien Xenomorph full sizer horror scaler dangling off your sun deck. If unearthly monsters don’t turn your crank, no problem, Crystal Lake’s ghastly villain also comes as a full size horror scaler. Collect all your favorite spooky characters from movies, video games, TV and comic books and take them everywhere you go. Scalers are the perfect way to always have your favorite horror characters with you - at home, work, school, or whenever you're on the go! These awesome replicas range from 2” to full-size 3 1/2”, with the same kind of meticulous detailing that horror POP! vinyl figures have. Picture what fun it'll be to have a monstrous Xenomorph hanging from your backpack, handbag, or USB cable, particularly if paired with the primitive, feral Alien: Covenant Neomorph, in its fierce grip. Or create your own battle of iconic creatures by hanging a Terminator Genisys Endoskeleton or two to your curtains or even a ceiling fan pull chain! These highly coveted collectibles are like travel size versions of horror movie POPs!, cool little accessories to perk up ordinary décor and items. Dangle them from balloon strings or gift packaging, or carry them on lanyards, earbuds, or gaming headsets. Use them to turn simple hair ties or headbands into eye-catching, memorable fashion statements. You can also bring a super ghoulish touch to holiday (or every day) interior design, by combining these devilish scalers with spooktacular HorrorNaments, for homages to genre greats. Another delightful way to display scalers is to take advantage of the small size and place them where horror POP! Figures can't fit. NECA has models of both Pennywise portrayals, the 1990 Tim Curry version and the recent Bill Skarsgård iteration. Instead of choosing between them, why not strategically place each alongside a porch trellis, or on plant stakes in a garden plot? (Hint: attach tiny paper boats to IT's killer clown incarnations, for that extra special touch!). For dog mamas and papas and fans of Camp Crystal Lake's long-time counselor of the year, let Jason Voorhees tag along on your pup's leash. Ideas are as limitless as your creepy imagination!