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Are you looking for a place to buy mego figures for sale? Visit Nightmare Toys today to check our collection of mego action figures online! Order yours today! Mego Action Figures came from the creations of an American Toy Company named Mego Corporation. Their story and how it all began goes way back to 1954 when it was founded by D. David Abrams and Madeline Abram. Their toy company is well known for producing action figures of famous movie stars, characters, and popular celebrities. Their brilliant idea of bringing favorite characters to life by creating high-quality collectibles resonated with various celebrity fanbases and action figure collectors. Abrams's creativity never faltered as they went on to become one of the leading toy companies worldwide and managed to stay relevant for multiple decades. 

In 1969, Marty Abrams became the toy company's president. Under his guidance and creativity, Mego Corporation was able to leave its mark and revolutionized the industry for years. They also successfully secured huge deals way back from top brands like Marvel, DC, Star Trek, and Planet of the Apes. Not wanting to stop there, they created tons of iconic licensed action figures. 

What people love about Mego Action Figures is that Mego Corp never fails to observe attention to detail in their products. Anyone who's trying to buy something from Mego Toys knows exactly what they should be expecting and never fails to reach expectations. It also helps that these action figures already have a fanbase that won't hesitate to purchase collectibles resembling their idols. 

No wonder Mego toys have long-lasting imprints for vintage collectors and children. With Marty Abrams' creativity and guts to try new things, they could touch many people's lives with their brilliant creations. When it comes to toy companies worldwide, Mego Toys is certainly right up there at the forefront of the industry. 

Where to Buy Mego Action Figures?

Have you been looking for some Mego Action Figures to add to your collection? You don't have to go elsewhere as we've covered everything for you. Nightmare Toys carries a vast selection of Mego Action Figure. You may go ahead and check out our products available to browse and shop here online today!